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Actions and Trial Run

While laboratory data properly interpreted can give an indication of field performance, the true worth of grease can only be established by actual experience in service.

Quote: Grease Specialist

Over the years of manufacturing and marketing, hundred of tonnes have been used in both industrial and automotive equipment with remarkable satisfaction.

Trouble shooting at steel plant

GX 7000 EP 0, 1, 2 (Water Resistant Roller Bearing Grease / Industrial Bearing Grease)

GX 7001 MOLY (High Temp Moly Grease)

GX 911 (Oven Door Hinge Grease)

GX 708 EP (Water Resistant Roller Bearing Grease)

GX 9009 S (Shear Stable Extreme Pressure Grease / Synthetic Grease)

GX 9003 EP (Non-Melt Grease)

GX SPRAY GREASE (Aerosol Grease)

Trouble Shooting At Wirerope/ Wire Plant

Trouble Shooting at Palm Oil Mills

Trouble Shooting at Rock Drilling / Blast Hole Site

Trouble Shooting at Ports / Grease for Ports

Trouble Shooting at Cocoa Plant

Trial Run on Heavy Trucks / Bull Dozer Wheel Bearings

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