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Others Greases

GX Aluminium Complex EP SBH 20 High Temp Grease

GX Aluminium Complex EP High Temp Grease


GX Anti-Seize Compound / Paste Super High Temperature Super Extreme Pressure


GX SPRAY GREASE (Aerosol Grease)

GX 911 (Oven Door Hinge Grease)

GX 9009 S (Shear Stable Extreme Pressure Grease / Synthetic Grease)

GX 9003 EP (Non-Melt Grease)

GX White Bentone Grease

GX Bentone Moly-Graphite High Temp Grease

GX Bentone High Temp Grease

GX Bentone High Temp EP Grease

GX Calcium Heavy Duty Grease


GX Chain Saw Oil


GX Gas Valve Grease




GX PTFE Grease


Silica Grease GX Silica High Temp Grease


Silicone Grease / Vacuum Grease / Extreme High Temp / Load


GX Specialty Drilling Grease GL Plus Super High Temperature And High Load


Rust Buster

Grease Xpert Rubber & Release Agent

Grease Xpert Chain Lube

Grease Xpert Lubricating Spray Grease

GX Sulfonate Grease


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