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Grease Xpert Rubber & Release Agent

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GX R&R is specially developed for Household, Automotive, Industrial and Marine Lubrication.    

It is recommended for lubricating windscreen wiper motors, electric clocks, starters, fan bearings, brake calipers, brake boosters, spark plug boots, distributor caps, windshield wiper motors, o-ring lubes, electrical connectors and plastic gears in mirror etc.

GX R&R is specially formulated from high quality, non-toxic silicone oil. It is used as a lubricant or release agent for rubber, valves, plastic parts, moulding industry or applications that require controlled rubber or plastic swell. It is also used for sealing and lubrication between metal and rubber parts. GX R&R reduce friction and provide long lasting lubrication. 

OPERATING RANGE:  - 40 o F  to  450 o F


  1. Low Oxidation, hence suitable for long term lubrication.

  2. Non-melting, Non-toxic

  3. Good Resistance against Water Wash-out.

  4. Compatible with many Plastics and Rubber

  5. Reduced Cracking or Splitting of Rubber.

  6. Controlled Rubber Swell.

  7. Translucent, Non Staining and Clean

  8. Suitable for applications subjected to a wide range of temperatures.

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